About us

The mission of Kuwait Cultural Office in Dublin is to support the educational goals of the State of Kuwait, establish links between educational and research institutions in both Kuwait and Ireland, continuously develop educational, professional, and research programs of Kuwaiti individuals and institutions.

The Cultural office is responsible for Kuwaiti Students attending Institutions, Colleges, and Universities in Ireland. And thus, the Office is responsible for students’ admissions, counseling, and advice. In addition, it provides financial and moral support to students and their families in Ireland. Our supervisory activity ensures their well-being. Each student is supervised by an academic supervisor who monitors the student’s progress in the university.


The Cultural Office supervises Kuwaiti students who are studying the following programmes:

-         English language courses.

-         Foundation programmes.

-         Undergraduate University Placement.

-         Graduate University Placement.

In addition, it provides the students with the payment of their scholarship funds, their tuition fees which are paid directly to their universities, health insurance and airline tickets.

The Cultural Office holds meetings with educators from various institutions and universities in Ireland to explore new educational opportunities and cooperation. To schedule a visit to the Cultural office, please call 01 53 100 90

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